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Taking action to address the crisis of high energy costs

The Keep It Bag initiative offers a low-cost, low tech, clean energy solution to improve energy efficiency. It is used as part of a mix of customised solutions to address energy poverty in the marginalised communities that Project 90 by 2030 works with.

Proceeds from the purchase of Keep It Bags are used for Project 90 by 2030’s community engagement work, supporting the communities that we work with to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on fossil fuelled energy.

Good for you and good for the planet

Keep It Bag is an environmentally friendly, heat retention bag for cooking. Slow cook your food with minimal fuel. It is made in Cape Town with locally-sourced materials and filled with fibre from recycled plastic material as insulation. By using recycled insulation we are reducing waste to landfill. When you use a Keep It Bag, you can achieve savings of up to 75% of the cooking energy for every meal cooked.

You get more than a convenient, energy saving bag

When you buy a Keep It Bag, you are taking action to reduce the pollution that contributes to climate change and helping communities who are most vulnerable to climate change.

Our campaign to address the crisis of high energy costs

The increased price for energy in South Africa hurts poorer households the most. It has a knock on effect on food prices and the cost of living. Because poorer households can’t afford renewable, clean energy alternatives, they are forced to absorb the higher electricity cost or live with reduced quality of life. Lack of electricity is one of the largest barriers to overcoming poverty.

Over and above providing an energy solution, Keep It Bag sees the significance of involving community members as a part of the solution.

We build capacity through facilitating workshops where community members learn to use, produce and market Keep It Bags locally.


If you are an individual, buying and using a Keep It Bag means you are taking more low carbon actions while helping communities who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

If you are an organisation, partnering with us can contribute towards meeting your sustainability objectives and improving your BBBEE rating.



There are  many community members on our waiting list who would like to attend a workshop. These interactive workshops build capacity to use and produce Keep It Bags in the context of the environment and self-sustainability. Participants who learn to make the bags have the option to expand their skills into an income stream. Keep It Bag also facilitates access to a broader market for local producers. Contact us to tailor your company’s involvement in making a positive contribution towards change in someone’s life.



We offer fun and interactive team building workshops.  Bring your team to prepare and share food together, using a Keep It Bag.  You will learn about localised actions to source  ethical food and we will show you some of the energy access solutions we implement in the communities we work with.
Each participant gets their own Keep It Bag to take home afterwards.