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In South Africa, poor households can spend up to 50 percent of their income on energy and food-related costs.
How can they become resilient in the face of climate change and increasing costs?

Marginalised communities although often resource-poor, possess a wealth of knowledge and motivation for change. Project 90 creates working partnerships to enhance the communities’ energy, water and food security by strengthening capabilities within communities.

With the support of the European Union, Project 90 has embarked on a 30-month project, spanning across four of the country’s nine provinces. The ENERGY SMART Citizens in Action project looks at addressing the inherent gaps in energy planning in South Africa; by equipping members of eight communities with the knowledge and capacity to improve their household energy efficiency, and to engage with local authorities on energy access-related issues.

The organisation successfully completed a community-engagement project involving a community in the Eastern Cape, home to 1200 households. Over a three year period, the partnership between Project 90 and the community strengthened the community’s resilience to climate change by assisting community members to enhance their energy, water and food security. The Story of the Msobomvu community was captured on film:

Further in our endeavour to address the growing energy poverty in South Africa, we saw the opportunity, through our Keep It Bags initiative, to improve well-being (in particular in poor communities) by enhancing energy efficiency. The Keep It Bag is a low-tech, environmentally friendly (the insulating material is derived from recycled plastic) bag that improves the energy efficiency of the cooking of meals.

Keep It Bags can be purchased on our website. Currently, the initiative is looking for opportunities to offer training workshops (covering energy efficiency techniques and use of Keep It Bag at home) in poor communities.