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Lorna Fuller


About Lorna

Lorna’s passion for nature and interest in the interconnectedness of life led her to dedicating 25 years to biodiversity conservation and working with endangered species. Nowadays, as a member of a team wanting to make real impact on social and environmental issues in South Africa has allowed her to grow her curiosity and embrace rich experiences, while pursuing her dream of contributing towards a more equitable and ecologically sustainable world.

Tina Schubert

Policy & Research

About Tina

Tina is a Geographer and she is working on her Masters in Environmental Science. After working for a big governmental organisation, she now enjoys working in a small and personal team that is passionate about the environment. She likes meeting people, learning about their points of views and new angles to development work. She is particularly fascinated by multi-stakeholder approaches in which diverse groups work towards a common goal.

Iago Davids

Policy & Research

About Iago

Iago is a fervent supporter of uniting through consultation to solve the complex problems society faces today. He has worked with various paralegal centres to address the many injustices rural communities encounter and now aims to assist in uniting the various stakeholders in South African society to tackle the global problem of Climate Change. He is an admitted, non-practicing attorney with an LLB degree from UFS and an LLM degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution from UCT.

Richard Halsey

Financial / Policy & Research

About Richard

On paper, Richard is a molecular biologist, but in practice he is an explorer of wild and beautiful places. By supporting the work of Project 90 on the operations team and looking into improvements in the South African energy sector, he hopes to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Hin Wah Li


About Hin Wah

Hin Wah loves to look for opportunities to constructively engage in and address key issues that the earth (and humans) are facing – at a ninety-degree angle. In particular, she is fascinated by the cognitive factors at play in motivating people to change their behaviours. She has a PhD in chemistry and has worked as a Science Communicator in Australia and South Africa.

Natalie Fahy



Natalie (better known as Nats) holds a B.Comm degree in Marketing, Business and Tourism Management. She gained extensive project management experience at a top-rated investor relations advertising agency. Natalie switched gears and joined the NGO world as Communications Coordinator six years ago. She currently spends half her time at P90 and the other half as a Marketing and Communications freelance consultant. Her two young children are her pride and joy and she loves nothing more than enjoying the sights and sounds of beautiful Cape Town.

Daniel Robinson

Youth Leadership Development


Daniel is all about making things happen with a huge dose of amazing. He has worked with youth in South Africa for the past nine years and seems to be getting younger as the years roll by! He studied drama at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, as well as attending the prestigious Jacques Lecoq school of theatre in Paris. In a nutshell Daniel is a climate conscious thespian with a passion for youth leadership.

Gray Maguire

Community Engagement


Gray holds a degree in Development studies, a post-graduate degree in Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies and an MSc in Interdisciplinary Global Change Studies. His present focus is on linking social processes to technical and market innovation to create social enterprise where he focuses on green economic development centered on food, energy, water and sustainable land-use management.

Thando Lukuko

Community Engagement


Gillian Parenzee

Keep It Bag

About Gillian

Gillian has a background in sales, marketing and communications. She has an entrepreneurial spirit with a creative flair and combines this with her deep love for people and the earth. Gillian is passionate about creating spaces for women to exchange knowledge and experiences in the sustainability sphere.

Jacquiline Rispel



Jackie is an upbeat people-oriented BA graduate who has spent time living in the Middle East. She is a self-motivated team player with a natural flair for communicating and connecting with people from all walks of life. She hopes to actively take part in our country’s low-carbon transition and that’s why she loves being part of the Project 90 by 2030 team!

Amanda Ganca


Profile to follow

Trish Sanderson-Smith


Profile to follow