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South Africa is a country richly endowed with natural resources – including coal and solar energy.
In light of the ever-changing climate and the global shifts towards more climate resilient and sustainable practices –
how can South Africans actively take part in the country’s low-carbon transition?

Project 90 by 2030 strives to bridge the gap between civil society and the South African government by making climate-related policy content more accessible to South Africans in general, and by holding policy makers to account for their decision.

As part of our mission to drive change in South Africa, we follow international and national policy processes related to climate change, engage with civil society and government, communicate about our work and share knowledge with different stakeholders.

We are actively creating spaces and opportunities for discussion – both actual and virtual – allowing civil society actors and decision makers (in particular the South African Government) to come together, with the aim of bringing about transparent and ambitious climate actions.
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“If You Want To Go Fast Go Alone,
If You Want To Go Far, Go Together”

– African proverb